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I love the facade of the hotel, especially when the sun is going down.


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Glow lightfestival in Eindhoven


The Scheepvaarthuis is the beacon of the Amsterdamse School. One highlight is the main staircase, embellished with gorgeous stained-glass windows and elegant ironworks. Click:

Amsterdam Light Festival

Once again, I walked the Illuminade.   Click:

Burcht van Berlage

The Burcht van Berlage is the oldest Trade Union building of the Netherlands. It was designed by Berlage in command of the General Dutch diamond cutters Union lead bond (ANDB) in 1899-1900. The lamp… Continue reading

‘Nieuwe Kerk’ in Delft

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Amsterdam Light Festival

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City hall

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Amsterdam Light Festival

Gewapend met camera, statief en paraplu liepen we met een man of 15 door Amsterdam. Dit jaar veel bewegende objecten, wat dus nog een hele uitdaging werd met de wind i.c.m. lange sluitertijden.… Continue reading