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The Scheepvaarthuis is the beacon of the Amsterdamse School. One highlight is the main staircase, embellished with gorgeous stained-glass windows and elegant ironworks. Click:


The Koepelgevangenis is a former prison in Haarlem, Netherlands.

Stairs and steps

Burcht van Berlage

The┬áBurcht van Berlage is the oldest Trade Union building of the Netherlands. It was designed by Berlage in command of the General Dutch diamond cutters Union lead bond (ANDB) in 1899-1900. The lamp… Continue reading

City hall in black and white

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Diversity in the city

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Details in the city

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Maybe this is not so bad

Usually, I Always wait for the moment that all people are gone, before I make my photo. I thought that people on the amazing stairs I see or in front of that nice… Continue reading

Always those stairs

Although I came for the Anton Corbijn exhibition in the Gemeente Museum, the Hague, I couldn’t leave without making photos of the beautiful stairs.

I like blue

On my way to the Hortus Botanicus in Amsterdam, I saw these escalators. I have never seen blue escalators. I like blue escalators!